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US and Global Merge/Purge

Removing duplicates means less wasted mail...
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Europe
  • Japan
  • Australia

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NCOA/Address Correction

Mailing deliverable addresses saves you money...
  • National Change of Address (NCOA) for USA and Canada
  • US Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS)
  • Canadian Software Evaluation and Recognition (SERP)
  • International Address Correction for the rest of the world

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List Rental Fulfillment

Earn money from your lists...
  • Fast order turnaround
  • Status available on our site
  • Count reports after updates

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Database Maintenance

Safe and Secure storage of your data...
  • Marketing Databases
  • Data Warehousing
  • Custom Reporting

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Response Analysis

Know how profitable your mailings are...
  • RADE Database system
  • Non-Profit Database system
  • Catalog Response Analysis

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Global Merge/Purge


Our Merge/Purge systems are based on SAP Data Services (originally Postalsoft). However, in order to provide a better quality product, we've customized this software to better suit the needs of the Direct Marketing community. We've also developed a custom set of reports that are second to none, detailing everything you might want to know about your mail preparation. Included are some of the best Computer Verification reports in the industry, making it easier to substantiate mailing list deductions and save money. No matter where in the world you want to mail, we have a solution that fits your needs.

Every merge/purge includes the following reports:

  • Merge/Purge Summary
  • List Conversion Summary
  • CASS/Address Standardization
  • Geographic Filtering Summary
  • State Summary
  • Multi-Buyer Summary
  • Match Analysis
  • Rekey/Split Summary
  • Computer Verification

US/Canadian NCOA and Global Address Correction

US National Change of Address (NCOA)
The US National Change of Address (NCOA) system is a database maintained by the US Postal Service (USPS) of all people who have moved in the past 48 months. We can pass any of your data files against this massive database, updating the addresses to enhance deliverability. It is also required if you wish to take advantage of US presorted postage rates, since any presorted mail must have been NCOA'd within 95 days of mail date.

This is the most cost-effective method available for updating your files with new addressing information as well as limiting the amount of undeliverable mail you send out, since Standard Mail is not forwarded by the USPS. Maximizing your deliverable mail will lower your cost per piece mailed, which in turn maximizes your net profit.
Canadian National Change of Address (NCOA)
Each year, approximately 1.2 million households file a change of address notification with Canada Post. The Canada Post Change of Address (NCOA) system contains over 10 million moves covering the last 6 years of address change information.
Global Address Correction
International Addressing presents unique challenges. Most every country has different formatting requirements and addressing standards. Germany, for example, places the house number after the street name. Japan formats the address with the postal code first, then prefecture (region), city/town/area, then neighborhood and house number in a 3 number sequence (chome-banchi-go).

We have partnered with Global-Z to handle these details, as they have some of the best capabilities and postal databases available. Our on-line feed with them ensures the fastest possible turnaround for your data.

List Rental Fulfillment

mailing list

Our List Rental Fulfillment systems utilize our Merge/Purge systems for superior unduplication of your rental file. We maintain your file in an Oracle database, giving you complete selection processing capabilities, ultra-fast counts, and the ultimate in data integrity and security. Our turnaround times on orders are ultra-fast as well, where almost all orders go out within a few hours of receipt. Rush orders are no problem at PAS! Communication with your List Manager is just as simple. Our automated systems send reports via E-Mail showing every order shipped each day, with all the details your manager needs for billing. Billing for List Rental Fulfillment is done monthly, with an invoice detailing all orders sent out, the selection requested, the quantity shipped, and the charges. These bills can be sent directly to you or to your List Manager.

On-Line Count Reports
Your count reports are available on our web site. We produce them after every list update. Just log in to view them.

Custom Database Design/Maintenance and Reporting

PAS is expert at creating customized marketing/transaction databases for the Direct Marketing community. Using the Oracle database system and the latest tools, we can design and implement anything you can imagine. You'll be able to access your data and reports any time with secure access via the Internet, using exactly the same proven technology we've used to implement our on-line Donor Maintenance systems. Since these projects are 'custom' by definition, the pricing depends on your requirements and transactional volume. Contact us for more information.

Custom Database/Reporting
  • Marketing Databases
  • Data Warehousing
  • Matchback/Response Analysis Reporting

Web-Based Data Entry/Response Analysis Systems
Non-Profit and Commercial

RADE Response Analysis/Data Entry System

We have custom-written a full data entry/reporting package that supports single product offers. It allows quick data entry of all responses, full tracking of purchases by customer and full response analysis reporting. You always know exactly how well your mailings are performing. It is accessed over the Internet via secure SSL-encrypted connections, so your data is safe. The system also has a fully-integrated inventory system, allowing you to track your mailing piece inventory at multiple letter shops. It is integrated with the mailings booked, so you will know ahead of time if you have enough mailing peces to mail the names you have. If you don't, you can generate purchase orders right on the system to get those pieces printed and delivered in time.

RADE Response Analysis System Reports
  • List/Segments Report - mailings lists/segments you use
  • List of Offers - promotions you mail
  • Batch Data Entry Report - Batches entered by type, date and user
  • Response Counts - counts of buyers, non-buyers, suppress, and bad debt by mailing/key code
  • Response by Mailing - full response analysis by country, offer and mailing
  • Response by Offer - response analysis organized by offer, showing the mailings mailed and the results
  • Active Mailings Summary - A report with one line per mailing showing net results
  • Mailings by Month - shows mailings summarized by month and year, with one line per mailing showing net results
  • Response by List - full response analysis by list mailed, so you can decide which lists work for you
  • Back End Response - a report that tracks front end response, corresponding back end pieces mailed, and resulting overall response
  • Mailings with No Responses - a troubleshooting report showing mailings in the system that show no responses
Non-Profit Response Analysis/Data Entry System

For our Non-Profit clients, we have a Donor Maintenance package that handles the normal processing cycle, from generating Acquisition and Renewal Mailing files to Updating to Acknowledgment/Tax Receipt processing to Response Analysis reporting. On-Line access to your database is available via the Internet, giving you complete query and updating facilities, as well as numerous reports that can be generated on-line at your desk. Like the List Rental Fulfillment system, your database is maintained using Oracle software, providing the best data integrity and security protection available. Access is via fully encrypted SSL so your data is secure at all times. All of your mailings are fully integrated with the database, allowing you to track every mailing piece sent to a donor and the responses they generated. Costs are maintained on a list-by-list and package-by-package basis, allowing for accurate Net Profit/Loss calculations.

Non-Profit Response Analysis System Reports
  • Exchange Counts - counts of donors available for rental/exchange
  • Gift Array Report - amount breakpoint and corresponding text for renewal gift arrays
  • List/Segments - mailings lists and segments mailed for response analysis reporting
  • Response by Offer - response analysis organized by offer, showing the mailings mailed and the results
  • Mailings Summary - one line per mailing showing net results, summarized by year and type of mailing
  • Response by Mailing - shows details and totals for each mailing, summarized by type
  • Response by List/Package - details for each list mailed, grouped by list, showing package mailed and results
  • Response by List/Package Type - summarizes response for each list mailed, grouping by type of package (customizable)
  • List Ranking - report that tries to order by best list to worst list, based on FR Cost and/or other parameters
  • Planned Giving Module - various reports showing Members, Inquirers, Statistics by Inquiry, Bequests, and DM gifts generated
  • Corporate/Foundation Module - various reports showing gifts generated from Corporations and Foundations