List Rental Fulfillment

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Our List Rental Fulfillment systems utilize our Merge/Purge systems for superior unduplication of your rental file. We maintain your file in an Oracle database, giving you complete selection processing capabilities, ultra-fast counts, and the ultimate in data integrity and security. Our turnaround times on orders are ultra-fast as well, where almost all orders go out within a few hours of receipt. Rush orders are no problem at PAS! Communication with your List Manager is just as simple. Our automated systems send reports via E-Mail showing every order shipped each day, with all the details your manager needs for billing. Billing for List Rental Fulfillment is done monthly, with an invoice detailing all orders sent out, the selection requested, the quantity shipped, and the charges. These bills can be sent directly to you or to your List Manager.

On-Line Count Reports
Your count reports are available on our web site. We produce them after every list update. Just log in to view them.
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